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Teaching Clients Real Estate with Daryl Judy


A former teacher, Daryl Judy prides himself on helping his clients understand the key aspects of the homebuying process, while also serving as a trusted advisor through each step of that process. As a sales and marketing veteran, Daryl is a master negotiator and creative thinker. But the real secret to Daryl’s success is his core philosophy that the people he serves are more than just clients: they are friends and family, and he wants to empower them with the resources to make the most informed decisions each step of the way.

Join us as we discover how Daryl has made such an enormous impact with his clients. How did he start, where is his business now, and where is it going?

This is Keaton with Max and Brent, unlocking the minds of the industry's top real estate professionals. And now here are your hosts, Max Raven and Brent Jackson. Everybody, welcome to Keaton podcast. And I was Max Raven and I'm Brent Jackson. So, Brent, I didn't see you at the company Picnic last night. I was not there. So my wife had a firm happy hour, so I took innocent. Nightmare. So I had to pick up my son from College Park Maryland to three. What time? Four o'clock. Yeah, so it was a nightmare getting up there, left of three. Got Therefore came back because she went to her happy I had to pick up a little girl. Then we went down to it's called the District Court for basketball practice. It's way down right outside the beltway, so it took me an hour to get there. We stopped and had dinner at Jimmy John's. He had practice from six to eight and then when I got home and straight to the bed. So yeah, put him in the bed. So I did. I didn't was unable to go to the company picnic. Will it was fun. Once again, I heard was amazing. I saw photos. Yeah, our company does a really nice job with those kinds of things. Well, today our guest is not from our company. Switching it up a little bit. Today our guests is Daryl Judy with Washington find properties. Darrell is a former teacher. I didn't know that until we were doing your bio stuff. You've been in the business a long time. We're going to talk about how long and all of your secrets to success, the great things you're doing. You're extreme top producer. was just like reviewing your numbers and homestap. I was like, good God, Big Stop Right crossing. It's just crazy. I mean and I was also noticing like on your your listing sides, like your time of sale, like your average time of sale at those price points is also pretty sharp. So, Kudo's man, thanks, welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Yeah, thanks for being here. So one thing I want to point out is I love doing the podcast because we get some of our top competitors on the show, and Darryl Judy is the cream of the crop for us, because I give it a lot of direct competition. We're in direct competition. So it's like a couple of times a month we're going up against Daryl Judy and I'm always totally cool if he gets a class act. There's a great book of business. So if the cellar comes back to us and says, Hey, you, we're going to Daryl Judy, I'm like, that's cool. He's one of the best in the business. So we don't mind losing to Darrel Judy. Thanks, and that's why. What's what we but every safe for you to be on the show there, right. I like a safe space. Yes, right. So let's just start off with that. So why don't you take us from the beginning? So when you got started in real estate? Where you from? Go ahead and speak, let us know. Okay. So I actually grew up not too far away in Pennsylvania. Okay. I was raised in the country right and ended up working on a dairy farm and really kind of very roll. I went to Penn State and Madelon, I'm a Ninti Lion, we are exactly and I start out teaching. So I taught elementary school and I start out and can't help Pennsylvania, which is to our south. taught there while and then I'm like, Oh my God, I want to move to DC. So why? Why? Quite honestly, it is because I had come out as being gay and I couldn't live and teach in Camp Hill. It was not it wasn't it was not safe, it was not conducive, it was terrifying and I was very concerned for my safety and also for my career. So, quite honestly, and then I came down with friends one time to a gay pride. I'm like, what's a gay pride? And then all of a sudden I met all these people who were like lawyers and doctors and think tank and smart and educated and had houses and were amazing and I was like, Oh my God, this could be my life. So, quite honestly, that's that's the movie. See. Well, yeah, so I came down here and I taught here for a while, but it was a different situation and I wrote in an urban area, a little different and also it's some distance there, and so I taught for a couple more years here. Couldn't survive eating or living at my friends basement. So I had a lot of friends who were in pharmacucle sales, HM, and so I said let me do that. I can do that. If they can do it, I can do it. And so end up getting a really great job with a biotech company and I did biotechnology sales and marketing for ten years. You did it for ten years and years I didn't know you were in pharmaceuticals because I was in pharmaceuticals for off a month from about five years because we moved from West Virginia. I did it for a year, New York for a year and then DC for like two or three years. Yeah, I mean I was lucky because I had a specialty. So it's kind of interesting. It wasn't like the normal pharmacycle GIG and I had great companies. I was doing sales and doing really well. I went through three company phase with Wya Arris the time, which is now fires or snow fie, synthem low, which is now snuffy event has, which is the biggest, and then I end up at Jennetec in San Francisco and that's like that's the cream of the crop. If you have ever to work for company, that's the company to work for and they were great to me and I loved the people there. I just did like Corporate America right and I wanted to have control of if I sell more, I make more, if I work harder, I can do better. And of Corporate America that kind of stamp that down, I feel. Yes, especially in sales show now from when, yeah, it's like, oh, your goal is...

...a hundred Junus of whatever, and you do a hundred and twenties, you get paid a little bit of a bonus more and the next time it's three hundred right, right. Yeah. So I was with the lax of Smith client and sent a fee as well. Plastics is one of my drugs classic, but it was so monotonously. When I first got in, the benefits were great, cars, health insurance, retirement, the bonuses, the pay was really good and the hours were flexible. I learned early on to like focus on the top twenty percent of my doctors, so the bottom eighty percent I won't even call on. So when I was in New York, I would go my territories from the eighty from Fifth Avenue over to York and I'd go six thousand, one hundred and sixty two, drop off my drugs in the store June and I'd be done in like two hours. But it only call them the top doctors because I realized that those are the doctors that are writing the prescriptions, but it was so mononous, every day going on with the same message, and he felt like you were like a little piano in my job. Right. You might have been a little different biotech and the specialty, but for the pharmaceutical and a lot of those guys today, they'll still have a lot of friends in there and it's a great job if you like it. Think you got to find your passion in life and that was not my passion. Right. Well, it's also so regulated. It should be right what you can say and what you can't say, but it was kind of dumbed down, you know, because this is the message, this is I going to deliver it, this is a sales pitch and so on. So this being a bold transferred then to real estate. I thought, like start my own career. I control over it. I don't might stuck typically with a client I don't like, which you can happen, and biotech right here. If we don't Gel them, we don't have to work together. But I want to destiny what I wanted to do and I also have this ability to like in terms of design and think the houses ready and vision. I think that's a shrink for me. So it made sense. But why real estate? So you were in pharmaceuticals and they're like what was the UHAMA? But I'm going to switch gears and go into real estate again. I saw a lot of people doing it and like my God, they're not working that hard, you know, and it wasn't a great yeah, and it's friend for me. That's not me. I work like Hound Dog. I mean I'm like crazy right, and so it's not how little can I work, but I want to be reward if what I do and I also want to be able to have some control and have some interesting things. And I mean I've met the greatest people doing real estate. Yeah, friends, a good book of business, both Cleejuly, like you guys, and and my clients, and so it's been a great success. And it's also, you know, growing up very poor and the teaching for a while, and even in biotech I did well, but I didn't make that kind of money. It's actually changed my life where I'm now the caretaker for people and I'm the one who's able to give gifts, you know, and care for so how when you first started in the business? How are you finding your clients? How are you getting people to trust you to because you were just starting out in the business. What were we bring to the table? How do you do it? So I think the key to the way win was this. What, like what era? This was like in two thousand and six? Okay, right before the great yes, right, so I like got in, would that be great, and then let's have a crash. I believe it's the same then as this to day. And it's about knowledge. You got to be knowledgeable, you got to have be informed, you have to know your stuff, you have to be honest and forth right and you have to be direct. And I think a problem a lot of agents get themselves in the day as they blow too much smoke. Right, it's like you too. They agents tell by our sellers what they want to hear and not the truth, right, and that's why we go and, you know, show something and it's way right. It's price, way too high, or you know I mean. Or it's like, oh no, don't worry, that wallpapers fine or that paints fine, and then it doesn't sell because of that. Right. So being honest, being informed, knowing the market. And in starting out I was pounding the payment you know, going in the office every singore day listening, learning, going to your sphere of influence and open houses. And it always kills me when people say open houses don't sell houses, and I totally disagree because you have people. Yeah, but it. I've seen you at a lot of open houses. You always you're always out there. It could be like a hundred degrees out you setting up all the signs. You're really you always do it the same way. I mean that's like that takes a level of commitment, because some there's some days where you don't want to. I mean absolutely right, right, like actually you want to all the way down the block to put up a sign at like fourteen street or something, which are always out there doing the right there's a hundred percent true because, if you think about it, you spend so much money in post card, spend so much money on digital, you spend money, money, money, money, and there is a three, I would do three hour opens right. There's a three hour window where people are people who are clients are coming in to see you in your product right, and you're an idiot to not take advantage of that right. And you have a little sandwich sign that you can put it like, I will do it for five six blocks away, because in my mind I'm thinking where they're going, down M street, they're coming up connected avenue, or they're I'm becoming this like how can I get them funneled in to see me and let's have a date? Yeah, right, and so I think that's so important. And Oh, by the way, that's free. So even if he's like...

...fourteen, straight up from a fourteen thin and s on a Sunday brunch and there's five thousand people to walk by and there's like, Oh my God, Darold, you do so busy, he's selling everything. I didn't sell a single thing, maybe, but that's sign that was free. Yes, it's like a pain to do it and I want no, it gets tiring, but I think it's important. Yeah, and and being knowledgeable about the house and all things, but the market to right. I don't sit down and text or play game some my open house I'm like meeting people when engaging and where you from on what's going on and what are you looking for? And this you know. Have you seen this? Have you seen that house? Have you seen this sale? So you want to be knowledgeable and I think that I've done well with that. I think you're one of the best open house definitely hosters that I know in the industry. Can you tell us a little bit more about like your secret sels in that regard, as far as, like how many signs are you putting out? I know because we're getting clients to go through your one house and you have a phenomenal follow up email that goes out to everyone. Like how are you capturing what are you saying to the consumer that comes in off the street to get all these people to sign it? And I'll yet to piggyback on that. This is one of my like mini failings in my business is getting people to sign in. I've never been really good at that. I remember to shadowing an agent one day in mccline, just I was just I just wanted to see actually did an open house because I knew she was really good at it and she just had this natural way of getting people to sign in. It seems so like non obtrusive and not like needy. So go ahead and talk about my such a minor thing, but it's uncomfortable right like I want you to sign in, I want to give me your name and and if you're going to lie to me, you're going to lie to me, like I can't control that. Right. I would say in the past two years, three years, it's been easier because of covid right. And so I'm like, I need you to put in your name and your email and time that you're here, because if someone comes in, I want to be able to go back and talk to them and say, listen, I don't know if you were there the same time, but there was someone who was exposed or someone who was sick. So that let's change things a bit. But I represent my cellar and they're in their home, right. And so to think that you can just come in, how and that in the House and be like we don't need to know who I am. No, if you're in their home, this is what you need to do, right. And I don't give them the information. I don't get like, I don't lay things out, have miscop and grab things until they sign in. Right, only one time. Maybe once there might person. I didn't realize at the time and then when this person left I was like, Oh my God, that was a Supreme Court justice. So and I was on this individual, like I do use they like listen and yeah, they like we prefer not to. I was like Oh, got it, but I like that. I like the idea of like just with with holding the floor plans, with holding, like you want this package. Yeah, yeah, you don't. You don't get what you want. So I get what I want right, and so I need to be able to tell this is who was here, that's what's going on, and I've responsibility to follow up with them as well. So I try to follow up. Set M in the email. Here's the virtual tour. Here the floor plans. Oh, there's an offer deadline. We're looking at at offers on Tuesday. Whatever it is. You got the information. You got to use it right. Right, you have it. So what are they signing in on? Is it a sheet? Just a sheet, just a sheet. Yes, everybody's name. You can see billy. Now it's one at a time. What at the time? Yeah, it's my plus. Also with Covid it's one at a time, right, and I know that there's programs that you can sign in electronically. I think people are suspicious of that, and so I'm just more old school and then I try to take notes on them to I just say, you know, this couple lives in the neighborhoods or renting now are really I'll say he's tall, she's got long so I remember right because I'm a visual person. So when how's your team do sign in? It open has to use a sheet, or even Qus a sheet. So let mean I use a sheet and I think it has everybody's name on it, so I'm usually signed like the first two or fake names so they don't feel like we're the first one to sign in. Some people use the electronic sign and sheet. Some people use like the one off cards where you get the car they sign on, flip it around the back and do notes, like dary'll just mention ray right. We started using a Qr code just so people could just sign it on her like Google forms on their phone. And again, it's really more about like getting people to do it right because they're their first inclination is I don't want to sign any of my information a way. Sorry. Yeah, so what does the package to have like? So they come in, they sign in and then what package? What's all in that information that you're giving the cancer? So I give so there's whether it's floor plans or the brush or whatever. I think the brushors like it's like song rules. Sate One thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, like who needs a brushure today? I think it's crazy, right, and so I think that's a waste of money. I'd rather spend money on a video where someone's actually going to see and obtain information. But the one thing that I do that's kind of the super sauces I give market data. I'm like, I'm sign this Condo, I'm sign this House with a pool, I'm selling. So I give data to show these are other things that are for sale that are kind of in this range or this is what has sold. So gets your an idea. So you're informed. Right. Sure, I would say many, many more people now come in with agent than...

...they did before, and so I don't really pick many people up, but it gets good information support the value of the home that I'm selling. That's a good segments. When my next question was going to be, can you quantify, because you are so successful open houses, like ten percent of Your Business or twenty percent of your business comes from open house? is whether it's a buyer or a seller, I would have to track. I would say it's maybe like ten percent. It's not a lot now. It was much more before. Now there's so many agents in the field. I think that you can't swing a deck cat and not know somebody who's got an agent, friend or running right and so I don't pick up as many from opens as I used to. It's really more referral basis. Some people like I know he sold this or he represent my friend, and getting it that way, yeah, might take on it is like I don't want to pick up a buyer like a coldly, like I don't think I'm great with a coldly coming through it an open house, but for me it's a way to audition for other neighbors coming through like this guy knows his stuff. He has a great package, but he's very sharp. So I'm hoping that they call me back and the we're doing like just listed flyers other open houses. They're going to call me down the road selling their house. So it's just the way to stay in front of this people on a regular basis. Our guest today is Daryl Judy with Washington find properties. Darrell, you were talking a little bit about working with clients, like if you feel like if you're not going to Gel with them, that you wouldn't work with them. But what about the conversations when you're when you have to be honest with someone. You walk into their house, like a townhouse in Georgetown or Logan Circle, and the decor isn't like is not you know it's not going to make for a good boats, you know it's not going to make for a good presentation and they're really into their stuff. Like, how do you have that conversation with the seller? I wish there was a secret. The one thing is, listen, I'm not giving you my opinion right, I'm just giving you information, because how you sell a home is different than how you live in at home, and we want to open up this home to as many people as possible. We want to neutralize it, I would say we kind of want to dumb it down right, because I love that those rugs that you have and I love the color of that dying room and it's I that Chandelier is amazing, in my opinion, but generally that's not what the public, the buyers, are looking for. And when we want to reduce it to bring as many people of your taste, reduce that taste to bring as many buyers in as possible. And if we don't do that, we're probably going to solve for less money. Right. So we're going to find you a new home that you can put all those beautiful things in, but we need to change it to bring more buyers in, to get you a higher number, right. And it's really about ripping the bandaid off. MMM, you're either a buyer, are you're either a seller or you're not a seller. You're not both. I want to sell my house. If you want to saw your house and get to get rid of the red dining room, now I don't want to get rid of it, then you're not a seller. Yeah, you're going to. You'n have to get serious about doing the thing is that it takes to really sell a house and like it. I don't know what your experience is. I think for me it's much easier today than it used to be. I remember going back like however many years and they like, oh, we know stage. I'm like stage, what's staging? Right, we need to paint. I'm that once. You say, now it's changed. Everybody seeing, everyone really the game. Yeah, they understand it. They we always when we feel like there might be a resistance point there, we make it really clear that our first introduction to ninety nine point nine percent of all the buyers is going to be in the photographs. So if they're looking at something cluttered, dark painted, weird, like we have a listing right now where you know that sellers they love the color blue. So all of the walls are this kind of baby blue. When you're in the house it's actually a little appealing, but on photos it's very blue, so it's not selling. Yeah, now I tell them it's like it's kind of like people who day on the Internet. Right, you get swipe left or swipe right, whatever that is, and you get one chance to make a first impression. And how are you going to make the impression? Because when someone, when someone's like, well, you're not getting showings, no one seeing the house. No, they have seen the house. They've already said no to you. They've said No. They haven't got through the fresh the threshold because, based on your photos or location or whatever it is, they've already said No. So they are saying no to you. This is not in two thousand and twenty two. We're not. How many people can we get into the open house and let's sort a party. You can, let's get more people at no, they been on time, they're swiping and they want to be engaged online. They're looking at Zillo in the middle of the night. They want to see gorgeous photos and Yep, with the super dark colors and the weird stuff, it's it's only going to be anomally. You're going to upon Zillogne wild right. Yeah, real say. Porn is real. People spend a lot of time on it. Yeah, it has been for the last two years. That's why the markets been crazy. There was a Saturday night live and Zillah. Yeah, for our book of business, it seems like to your point, earl, I think half of our listings we're able to convince them to move out, whether they go to an apartment, short term housing or the alter house and moved into it, and then it's easier for us to come behind them work behind the scenes where there's cleaning, painting, landscaping, Staging, light, handemn stuff, all of that is it's easier. Sometimes it can be challenging if they're living in a home and they're...

...they have their mindset up that I love this color, purple, I love purple. Sometimes I can be challenging if they're strong mind mindset. So what do you do with that person? It's just like they're not going to change, just black kitchen. Well, I mean, you can only do what you can do right. And so you also want to talk about the pricing as well, like here is the price, where I think the value is of the home. If we don't do it, then it might it might change either. You know, when we do like paintings or cabinets over or hardware or light staging, we're doing things to make it as look as good as possible to get a higher number. So you want to make sure that that what you're spending makes sense on the outcome. Or and maybe if you if you're black black bathroom that's got the black toilet right, maybe they're not going to get the money back. I'm replacing that and that's okay, but the price has to reflect that. Then that someone's got to command. Then when we do the black bathroom. Sure. So you recently kind of revamped your social media and I'm what. So this sort of like a part two? So that was that's like you're a listing appointment or you're a second meeting with a seller to talk about what to do to get their house ready. In one of your recent posts on Instagram, you're talking about the commission thing, negotiating the commission. Huh, because it's still extremely competitive market to try to get listings. Still a very low inventory market, lots of discounted commissions. We always got red been in the market. We've got you know, you might be competing with three or four other agents on a listening how. What do you say? Just like you on the Instagram, what are you telling your seller to try to maintain like the commission rate that your company wants to charge? So I think you have to know your value and I'm not a discount agent. I don't think either of you are right. And so I've seen over and over again people getting their discounted commissions out right. Or we're going to do this and we're going to pay for staging and we're going to do this and we're going to do that, and I just think nothing's for free, right. Nothing's for free. Like someone came to me with another firm and like we want to get out of the situation. Well, the other firm had paid for staging, paid for the paint and was going to put a leanother property. If you cancel the listing, right, that's on situation. I put myself in all of my contractors and stuff. There's I've no relationship to anybody. So I'm using people because they're actually going to do a great job for you and to get it as good as possible. That's part of the reason that you're using me. My experience, my access, my eye, all the things are going to get you a higher number. And if it's naive to think you've rule estate agent a bringing a buyer, and we'll see agent a is going to be more inspired to sell a house with a bearer. Commission we want our buyers to get what they want right, but it is a factor and how hard you push it just is right. And so you don't want to disincentivize anyone bringing a buyer to your home, right, and you want to make sure that you're delivering and you can actually show the numbers and say here's this kind of agent, here's their average sales price, here's our selves. Interesting, that's right. Yeah, you can be granting over that look in terms of like here's yeah, here's here's someone who charged this commission and how they did with their listing, and you could, you could pull all the data right to see smart core late there's sounds of information there. Yeah, for like Michael Rank and your boss. Right, he's one of your owners. He's the three percent. Right, it's three percent. He is one of the best agents and all of DC. He's great in the country. Right. So, but he sticks with it. Right, whether it stance, tell or Bubbas, whoever you the top agents are able to do it. Daniel Hider, he does a full commission. He rocks and rolls. Right, if you can't negotiate your own commission, how can you negotiate against someone who's bringing a buyer? Right, you want to be strong and know your value, and it's also a business. Right. You want to handle it very thoughtful, meaningful way, and I know that sometimes I lose things because I don't pay for staging. I just I'm not I'm going to stage. I'm not going to take that responsibility. I'm not going to do it like as someone who wants me to do it for one for like. I'm not doing it. It's not worth my time. Okay. So fine. So you're obviously you clearly very good at getting the commission you want or you sometimes it's not worthing the business. We all agree on that, because this could be you. We foreshadowing the the rest of the listing with this person for sure demanding. They want it. They wanted a cheaper commission. They want you to pay for all this stuff. And and if you bend over and say like okay, fine, I'll do it, where's that really leading you with this this whole operation? Right, but if you ever had situations with friends or family, we always like to work with the people we know. We always get I mean, I feel personally hurt if a friend doesn't use me. I know everyone has their people that they've worked with and met out here, and I mean it's a big city. We've got plenty of agents out here. I think there's what's the stat like everyone knows at least eight or nine years stated at least. But so how would you deal with that? If you're like I'm still Darryl Judy, I'm charging this up this amount, and someone close to you...

...says, well, you know, another agent over here is doing this for me. What do you say to that? So it's painful a lot. I, like you, I want everyone to use me, all my friends and past clients, and I can't get over that. That's like it's like a stab in the stomach, right when someone tells ansue, but you like, how do I just describe it? Hey, brow, I'm gonna Sell Your House and you're going to be charged this commission and I'll by the way, I'm not going to charge you the same amount. And your friends with him. And then they were like how him? You gave them that commission, you didn't give me this commission. And I think being consistent, and it is also it's just a good business practice, fair Mus the consistency is that it makes sense, right. And have I and have I lost things because of commission? For sure, absolutely. And, like you said, Max, it's it's a foreshadowing if this is how we're starting out a relationship and you can feel it like you can field the ground tremble on the first meeting. In a second meeting it's going to shake like an earthquake by the time we're done. You can just feel coming. A lot of times right, and so sometimes it's may be better to not and and then that past several months especially, right, it's just been it's been the wild west. Everyone's lawing homes, there's twenty of thirty offers. That's changing and I believe there's a flight to the ality. Right, I'm thrilled for people like you guys. You're going to have more business this year then you did last year. It's my prediction, because there's a flight to quality. People want to know Max Sol disc I saw maxing on Tick Tock Mac has represented my neighbor. Max had the highest price inservatory circle mats. I'm going to use Max because I can't just get away with someone who's a discount person, right, who's been an entry for six months or a year because they sat at home oring covid and realized, Hey, when does be fun? Right, I can sell real estate. Yeah, I mean that's typically what happens when we have to see a market ship. We've seen it before, unfortunately, for a lot of people who are newly employed or thinking they were newly employed, with this booming market, it goes it goes away very quickly. Right. You've seen that with some big companies who are laying people offen r starting things like so it's it's about being consistent, doing the right things, having a business, having relationships. That's that's that what separates you guys apart from the rest of the people who aren't really that good it's because you run a business and you have knowledge. So I was listening to an interview on another podcast that we really enjoy real estate rock stars, and they were talking about I think all of us are in the category of we've worked in enough deals, we've done enough business over the years where we certainly don't need even need another deal. Right. It's nice to keep the money rolling in and we enjoy. I enjoy doing my business. I'm sure you do too. But there's also a place where you're coming from where like I don't need this, so I'm doing this because a this is what I do, this is my job and I can do it really well, as you can clearly see, and be I'm not coming from a place of extreme need or scarcity. Right. So that's also a powerful position to be in and that's what we see in when the market shows you see that's why you see people who are you know, unfortunately they're they don't have that book of business and they don't have the comfort level to make it all happen with the same way. So well, I think also on that point, Max that because Darrell I came into industry by the same time when the market was going through the roof and then the bottom fell out in the financial crisis and you saw a praiser's titled. Companies, firms, agents all leave the business and you know whether you have financial means or not. I think being able to give your clients sound advice because it's the right thing to do, versus I need a paycheck because I haven't eaten in a couple of days, goes a long way, because you're doing the right thing for the client, up because you want something to close right. There's a lot of agents out there that live pay take to paycheck to paycheck, for sure. Yeah, I still think going back to being honest with your clients. Like, I'll be honest with you, I may not be the highest price. I've a listening and what I'm suggesting, but going to be honest with you, right, but I've seen, especially the past couple months, where it's been bunkers right, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, a million dollars over as and when I hear someone say, Oh my God, my agent at such a great job, we got it done in four hours and we want a hundred thousand over, and I'm like you're an idiot. If you would have let people in, let the other agents cooperated with, all the other firms dealt with each other. Lets your buyers in. They have jobs, let them go see it. Let everyone go on Tuesday. Let people have free inspections. It went about a hundred. have been four hundred or five hundred. Thou over right. And so I the past coal bunch you've seen agents who aren't like you experienced, who have been shady and doing things because they don't understand the replications of doing that in this sure right. And so you have to work well with your peers as well to represent and make sure that you're getting the highest number. Yes, so we were talking about on the instagram. You were talking about how you do the mission conversation, and so I was going through your instagrams and... you are you sort of revamped your social media. You're kind of there. Are you doing a like off camera kind of thing, or is it sort of based on it's like a combination of both, almost like an interview style. How did you come up with that? And it seems to be a departure from I don't know a lot of other agents that are quite doing that in DC right now. So so again I think I have some beautiful houses. I so right, but they can get that on on any third party platform. They can get on my website or Red Finn or Zillo or whoever. People want information. They went knowledge, they want to see behind the scenes, and to me that's what I have to offer. That's what separates me apart from a lot of people, is that I'm a little longer, no tooth. I've been doing this a long time and I realize this point in my life I have things to share, right, and so there's not a formula. I don't say look, don't look, this is that I don't have that formula. I shoot a couple times a month and I have notes and on my phone right now, for pick my phone, I'm like, cover the topic of Zillo selling your data. Cover this. It's like, as I'm going through my life every day, I think, Oh my God, this just happened and we had HBA system breakdown. How would I tell other people how to deal with that? Right, sure, so it's just notes through, but it's I want to be an informational source and be seen as someone who's an expert and also be authentic, like there's I'm not the person who's going around with the champagne changing and the car like. That's not who I am. I'm not that person. So I think you have to be authentic to who you are, and that's who I am. Kind of boring and, you know, just giving information. So on that same line of the thought, do you I mean like kind of the videos play out? I mean do you have like someone videotaping you? Do you have a script? No script. Now I just have some videotaping me and sometimes I think they look at me they're like, I'm a guy, you are SCO schizophrenic. Right, it's like what are you? But it's come together well and I don't have a script. Like it's bad. Like you talked about the commission. Thing like that was. We were like the day we did that, this is nuts. I did a hundred and twenty seven videos and like a three hour period and he was just like can I negotia your commission? What's your best value? It was like a fan, like the bullet, like a lightning round. It was lightning around. I was like buzzers, right, and so that just came out. Everything I say comes off the top of my head. I don't have a script. I don't have a team that writes for me. It's just what am I seeing? What am I telling my clients? Like what's that's a very interesting way to do that like that, like technically, to just knock it all out like that and then edit it. See what see what you get from that, rather than redoing it and scripting it. It goes a lot faster the way, because I do a lot of the stuff on Tick Tock when I'm face up, if I'm responding to a comment on tick tock or I just decide there's a topic that I want to talk about, usually it's off the cup. Sometimes I script a little bit, but when I do it off the cop it feels better, it goes by quicker. I can always edit things. So that's a great idea, right, but you guys have knowledge and people want to hear from you. They don't. They can. They can go and look at pictures in the videos. They do some of that, but really it's what set you apart and what is Your Business? Have you got any business from that as far as a buyer or set of reaching out to you because you were so great in your videos? It's interesting. Like, I think one thing's been spent all this time, effort, money, mental power on it. You want to be liked and have that affirmation and you have to let go of that. Right. What I have known is, yes, I get people to like it and like yesterday did whine there's like tenzero views. Well, that's great, but that that do any I don't know right. But what I do know is if I am coming out of church or if I'm coming out of dinner, I see someone out of cocker part, they're like, Oh my God, I love this or I saw this or this or that. So it's people who engaged. If you're if you're getting your validation on someone putting a heart, that's not the way to do it right, because there's their secret people like the have secret names and ruch. You know they're watching right, and so I don't know. I think it's a validation. It's like you said about the open house. When you do an open house you're also doing as people coming in to interview you. It's someone I want to represent me, and I think the same thing happens here. I have had I follow you on Linkedin or I saw this and I get the listing. I just can't correlate. Right, it's a piece of the Pie. Far like they're getting your brochures. They see it the open house, this, see here to keep instagram account. So it's just a piece of the Pie, right. I don't. I mean obviously you guys are doing a lot of videos, I see him, and spending a lot of time, effort money. Right, that's a portion. Right, but you have to do open houses, you have to network with other client or other agents, you have to do open houses, you have to sprint, send handwritten notes. I mean you have to do the whole package and I think a lot of times we've talked about like what is successful. It's doing all the things, doing the client events and doing the parties. The videos are just one more thing that I've come into play.

Are you in Tick Tock Ish? I mean, so can bactine. But know the answer to this. Can need not like take that video that you're doing in this parley. It over to take you guy. I think you could those week. Those would go well. I have but like it's it hasn't kicked for me. So I'm and I'm I'm not the person to know digital and marketing right medium. I'm not sure how the tick tock works or how the instagram. So we're pulling it together and seeing. Yeah, I'm trying. So what's a typical day in the life of Daryl Juty? Typical Day is used to I hurt my leg, but I used to get up into the Jur rightway. So okay. Yeah, when I walked in I saw the boot. So you heard your like playing tennis, playing tennis ankle. No, I tore some cast muscles. So, man, I heard a pop when I was playing well, and I'm like, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, but it's just it's a fine. I'll be in therapy a bit and it's good. It's not Achilles. Yeah, that was freaking out. Yeah, that's for Care Right. That was been. So I'm a early riser. I get up and make my cough, I do my thing. I'm in the office early. I happened a little bit my office, which is easy, and to get sort of commute time. I'm on the office usually by eight am every morning, right, and I'm there till five, six, and I think that's a big part of it. But I we have company meetings, I do. I have a team I work with every day's a little different, though. Every day's different. Like I had a coaching seminar this morning. I was on the sidewalk being coached. I have this today, I have tour this afternoon, I have an event tonight. So it just kind of I don't I'm not very good up blocking. I do this for so many hours, I do that for so many hours. Yeah, every day is very different. Aren't in our business. I just my thing is I'm in the car so much lately and I just feel like I can't get anything done. I'm really I'm really thankful that I have our team that handles all of the contracts, all the listing stuff, all of the ML stuff, because I used to do a hold that myself and I'm in the car so much now I can't even stop a text. It's just ridiculous. Right, you're too expensive to do that. Right, your time is better spent caring for a client. That's what you should be doing. And so, like, as we're throwing this now, I have this assistant email who is a rock star. I lover to death, and so she's putting through a counter off or on a contract right, a great contract, so I don't have to worry about that because I was around myself. I could people. Yeah, so how many people are on your team currently? Right now? There's three of us. So we have assistant email and we have Danny Boytel who's joined and he's been a rock star. He's he had his license before and did a lot of rentals but realize he just wasn't making the money and so he came. He's been here like nine months, I think. Really Smart, very likable, knowledgeable and his average sels prices higher than mine. He's Oh, he's ever sells prices to point two. I mean I'm like all that happened. He you know how it happened, like a couple things like and that's why start. I doing all the bits and pieces right. So he joined the firm. I'm like you got to get yourself out of that role and into the role of the professional. You gotta. So we we're saying out announcements. He's like it's kind of cheesy. I don't I'm like send it out. He's like kind of went to it just seems I'm like I the only money. I want you to spend our stamps, and just spend stamps and let everyone know you're doing it well. He's someone out and got a two point seven million dollar listing off of friends father, right, and it was like I like you when you do it, but I know who you're working with in this firm and if it was just other firms, maybe, you know, I would have done a bitch. He's like, I'm gonna have you do it. Success. Right, he did another one post card. The friends sold it and I'm like so, you did a great job there, but how you propelling that cell into more sales? What do you mean? Well, who were the brothers? Who the sisters? Who Do they go to school with? How did you write? Because then he did that. He got a two point two million dollar sale and he closed yesterday and something that was one point five, one point six. So connecting the pieces and letting other people know your success. Yeah, Russ, and the confidence and this fear of influence. Yeah, essential sphere of influence and just notifying basically. Yeah, yeah, I don't. I don't want a big, massive team. I don't understand the people that have thirty and forty people. I just like small firms. Yeah, it's a small firm. Yeah, like the Robin Brent Group. We yes, we are. We're getting up a small longer getting a little big. Yes, we're keeping it. I think we have eleven now. That's kind of like ten as our threshold, the dirty details of your group. So the gentleman you just mentioned a couple of listings. Is I go into his MLSID or yours kids is yeah, I'm not him. So the other thing, too, is I don't like and what everyone does and works for them. Their residence is good for me. I want him to be successful, I want to change his life, I want him to make a lot of money and I want him to get credit for what he's doing. Right. So he comes in and he saws it. It's his name, right. You know, if he saws more than I do this year, good for him. That's legitimate. Yeah, we're...

...just we're in the same boat. So, I mean there are teams out there in groups. It will keep everything under like one mls ID, which I think is a little shady, but it works for them. But for us it's like if we want them to have street cred because what's going to happen is they're going to be a byers and going up against a heavy head or and there first thing they're going to do is probably at home staff or their MLS tag and see they've done zero deals. So it's going to put them in a back seat position. It's they're in a multiple offer situation with a heavy hitter. Well, I can see it both ways. I think what you're doing is fantastic. I mean that's basically how I've worked with Jonathan Taylor for many years. He's always been extremely generous about that. When we share deals or by my own deals, it's like it's in my name, you know, and what we work together right, you've a camaraderie exactly. But I also see it on the team side to it's like, okay, if we're going to put all of this marketing and focus and do it on the team model, then the team is the branding. The team is where we have the power, so to speak, and these two types of you know, different techniques work on different types of clients. Some clients want to work with an individual agent, you might be on a small group, and some people want like the power of like, Oh, you've got eleven people working for us and they're spread out all over the place. Is Awesome. So either way, that's I mean the team thing is extremely popular right now. But it is like running a small company. It's like running stressful company. Yes, yeah, management. We're actually having our mid your reviews coming up in the next two weeks. So making sure a boy his own track with their numbers and what can we do better as team leads, things like that. But you're good at that. I mean you're adding you're adding a layer of other work to the to the business. But it's about growth and it's about your bringing along like this other group of people, newer agents, and they need that, they need that team work. So it's good. Kudos. Thank you. Good job, Darrell. This is great. You've imparted great knowledge and experience. We thank you so much for coming on the show. Thanks for having me. Friends, got rapid fire questions for you. Rapid fire, five easy questions. What is your guilty pleasure outside of rest? To my guilty pleasure, I like to say tennis. If I was able to play, you'll be back. I mean, it's it's yeah, you know it just it. Here's what I say. It's shorter than you think it's going to be to get better, but it's also longer than you want it to be. Right, that's what it is. Right, right, no, no, so guilty pleasure, honestly, and it's lying guilty. I feel like the guilt I have is I want to be here all the time doing all the work. But a guilty pleasure is getting away with friends and family and really digging in it, spending time together and really doing that. And on a smaller note, a guilty pleasure like after going in the office at eight and, you know, working to eight, nine, ten, from like nine to eleven, I just want to watch trash TV. I don't want to talk to anybody, I don't want to read. I see some trash or something on Netflix and not talk. I don't want to talk, I don't want to engage as when we left. What about? What about when you're watching your trash TV and you're finally like you're turning into a vegetable on your couch and you see that call come in? I stop, I stop, I'm like, I have to go back and this is terrible. I have to go back and rewind. I was watching staircase so the night on Netflix. I had to go back and rewind because then I get caught up in all the things are going on and realize I just lost twenty minutes of the show right, and so I would like to stop myself, but you know, and this business and that's one's like, Oh, I'm not going to I will answer my emails tomorrow. I'll respond to you tomorrow. I don't take calls after eight. I mean that is insane to me, right. And so someone calls me to clock to night, I going to get high. How can I help right now? So I totally agree. So Trash TV. To have a favorite trash S. I like all of like the Trash Bravo stuff right below dak. I love that. I mean who doesn't love housewives of New Jersey and New York? I mean pure I've man love it. This series. What was I watched that on it was like therese and her husband had theresa, she and jail. I'm leaving. Now she's out of jail and she's making money and she's got remarried. Oh well, so Judais, that is name. Her brother has been ex out, I think Italy. Yes, all right, I as TV. I ast you just I was just guessing and you do. You do know it looking we watch a lot of TV. So we I guess. I've betil like two thousand and seventeen we watched a lot of trash TV, the Bravo shows. I'm a huge Kardashian Fan, but then we got rid of TV for like three years because of that. It's like I would just be in there wat too much trash, which it's different now because now you can want, I give HBO, plus you have Netflix and you have so much, right, it's crazy. Oh, yellowstone, I mean, yeah, I love that. So that was best. That was my covid. Yeah, don't think I don't own wranglers, right, and I was like, Oh my God, I love, love, that is the best. I can't wait till that s okay, Taylor shared and is hilarious, though, when he shows up on the horse like Jimmy. You know, he does the whole thing, spinning the horses, just like making himself look awesome. It's a kid show, right. I love them, and Beth, like I've seen many times. I want to have that done.

I want to have those moments we win and wreck that store. Yeah, I don't have to hold back that. I want to do it. Yeah, so Max is going to write a movie just for you as a script, the script. So who's going to play you in this movie? Oh my God, not base on well, is it based on looks or who I think's going to I don't know. What would you do it? I wish, I wish I had the physique in the Look of Jack Joan. All Right, Jack, y'all. Jake, Jake, I'm sorry, Jake, Joan Hall. Well, you don't know his name, but we know who he is, right. The thing is there, is he got a brother? Yeah, Jack, no, just no, Jake, Jake and his sister, right. So, yeah, yeah, bag, yeah, I've been talking about Jakesa awesome yeah, like a good spirit aging, well, masculine, attractive. I mean he doesn't want to see himself. was looking great. Yeah, but Hollywood aging is different. I mean, well, we need the we need the Hollywood surgeons. I'm telling you, like we got to look good too. So moisturized steamer. Yeah, you have mor s rice every day, every day. Now. I just saw like in this interesting too. Like I just saw Elvis last night and premiered in how does you see it? I friends who are in movie industry, and so Susan, a good friend of mine, invited me to this preview it. I'm not even know that Elvis Person. It is unbelievable. Okay, you've heard it here, and that kid is going to be a fronoscar if he doesn't win, promise you. Yeah, but looking at Tom Hanks to allow himself to be I mean he looks horrid right, but he does a great job. So yeah, yeah, so sometimes Hollywood what like some of the darker. Well, I'm glad to hear that because I was worried it looked a little bit overdone in the previews. So, Oh my God, is it Bas Lerman? I think is. WHO Doesn't right? It is so good and if you didn't love Elvis before, you at least respect him and the journey. And it's also it's it's a little bit Michael Jackson as a little bit like the drugs and how people controlling them. It's kind of a sad story. Very over tickets for Friday at six o'clock at the Alamo Drafthouse, I promise you your and it's long. Get a couple bearers. It's like it was three hours, but there was a bit of in time between. It was probably to Forday or something, but you're taking your son right. Yeah, my old sermon. He's a so we watched maverick. Everyone knows this. Four Times in the one of the previews is all of us. So now all he listens to is like Elvis on Google or Alex. so he's doing research on Elvi us. So he's gonna go out of his mind. And it's done. It's safe for an eight year old, I mean, because there's some drugs. There's it's said that drugs and rock and roll. It's a major of the guest. There's a smidge of recreational, but not a toime. It's more of, you know, his solider sortain. I'm just just asking. No, no, it's more of that. Ever, his agent, who Tom Hanks plays, who basically is like I don't care what has to happen, he's get on stage night, and so they basically, you know, made him perform like Michael Jackson. Right, he's asleep. Put them out. He needs to get up. Let's give him something. So you'll see needles. But so much of it is about out the music and how it came and what it was going through. It's unbelievable. That's awesome. We got to see it. You have a favorite vacation spot, fair vacation spot, someplace I can actually go and get away and not think about work or life or bills. Just so it has to be something like I love going to Greece. I love Greece right to go away, because that, to me has so many memories. Something like that. I Love Buen and Sarah's. But yeah, I like to go post covid need to get to my next thing, somewhere, somewhere a little bit further, further, the next place I want to go, once I feel safe about travel, I'm going to go to Israel. You have a favorite book? I fair book. You know, it's so funny in terms of book I. You saw that the logo that I did. I have a tree right, yes, and there's several reasons why I did that, and one of the things is the giving tree. It's a children's block I used to use when I taught, but he just talks about this tree that keeps giving and giving and giving, and when you can't give more, you give more, and so I'm going to I'm going to call a children's book children tree. Last question here. You have a favorite restaurant would you like to go to frequently? I am such a creature of habit like I should be able to go to like rate, you know, James Beard, and that's, you know, five stars for stars whatever. I am so lazy at the end of the day. I like walk two blocks to like seventeen street. Our walk up fourteen street right. My favorite is like a to kill and fish tacos. So I'll go to you maybe a Laurel Plaza are, but the place that I go probably more than any other place, and it's because it's like my kitchen is Annie's, like old school seventeen street. Yeah, that is old school. It is so old school on seventeen any stake, oh my God, if you got man out at night, got out in the morning, you got like it's not fancy, but it's like you go there, they're like hey, do you want Tequila or do you want a dirty mark teaming up shaken heart, you know what I mean? Like that's to me. It's at home. It's I can go anywhere and... and it's not even like it's not as cheap, you know, but it's it's an experience. And that's where if I call four or five friends, so like, Oh my God, yet let's go, because instantaneously it's like your living room and you're you're talking. That's awesome. Yeah, so it's not as much about the food is is about the experience and the people who were there. It's like life right. Yes, Darrell, thanks for sharing your time with us. They really appreciate it. We always make a donation to the charity of our guest choice. So if you have any charities going to shout out, oh my God, that's I actually the one that I give the most money to is my church, foundry methodist, but you can give to whoever you want. Like there's right now. I think the people who need it most are after check and see there's a place that you can help people in Ukraine. I just did a fundraiser with one of my clients and so I can can sure that just people who actually really really need okay, soft up. Thanks for listening to Keed in with your hosts Max and Brent, unlocking the minds of the industry's top real estate professionals. For more information on selling your home, find us online at Keydon podcastcom. Remember to subscribe to Keaton on Apple podcasts or wherever you like to listen to podcasts. Follow us on Instagram at Keyton podcast, at Raven Max and at Brent e Jackson and follow Max on Ticktock at Maxwell Raven underscore properties.

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